Do a natural eye makeup

The eyes are the windows to the mind.

When we started a makeup, the first step from eye makeup, according to your clothing style, and your skin tone, your eye color to choose the color of eye shadow. If you have light skin, congratulations, you can handle any color of eyeshadow. At first, you can use white eyeshadow as a base, then choose the color for eyeshadow.

– Monochromatic eyeshadow. Contrast the eyeshadow palette, the more beautiful color has with monochromatic, but sometimes it’s hard to make a decision for someone, but it’s not very difficult, because not only one box of eyeshadow with you, so choose the color which you like. Orangey earth tones and rich browns enhance blue eyes, if you have a brown eye, you can get away with wearing almost any eyeshadow color, purple, blue, green, bronze, you name it. For green and hazel eyes, the best color was neutral pinks, taupe. Mysterious gray eyes are similar to blue eyes but are partial to complementary hues like silver, gunmetal, or blue shades.

– Duo eyeshadow. If you don’t know which shades work well together, you can follow this.

 1. Gold and brown. This eyeshadow duo is great for a subtle smoky eye. Gold and brown pair well, and the result is both elegant and striking.

 2. Cream and taupe. Matte cream and taupe are a classic shadow pair that works regardless of the occasion. You can apply the cream shade all over the lid and working the taupe into the crease on the outer edges to create a definition.

 3. Burnt orange and navy. You can dust the lid with your orange shadow and buff it out just past the crease, then, smudge your navy shadow into the lash line using a short, flat brush. Burnt orange really pops on the lid, creating a point of focus. Navy, when blended into the lash line, provides a nice contrast and a little bit of edge.

 4. Rose and champagne. Apply the champagne eyeshadow all over the lid and pop the rose onto the center, stopping at the crease. Next, blend the eyeshadow colors well, so the transition is seamless.

– Trio eyeshadow. Apply an eye primer, and dust the base color on your entire lid and up to the brow, then, apply your lid color with a medium, flat shadow brush. For stronger pigment, pat it on until you reach the color intensity you want. And the last step applies the crease color to your crease and outer corner of the eyes. Blend it well with a fluffy shadow brush, it makes the color transition looks natural.

– Sephora eyeshadow. This is the simplest option, for brands, the color combinations have been considered.