How to pick the best lipstick shades for your skin tone

Women have to love beautiful nature, it is precisely because the fellow citizens of the female unremitting pursuit of beauty, women cosmetics industry will show inviting development prospects. Now all kinds of lipstick are flooding the market, from China, from Korea. Most people didn’t know how to choose a lipstick for yourself, and lip makeup is a very important part of the whole makeup, a right lipstick make you bouncy and full of energy, make the whole makeup delicacy and elegance.

Many kinds of lipstick, and so many kinds of shade, how to pick the best lipstick shades for your skin tone? Here is a test.

-Look your wrist, what color is your vein?

A: blue or blue-purple

B: light green or olive

-Which color do you wear to look great, red or blue?

A: red

B: blue

-When you wearing a pure white, how about your skin looks like?

A: great! It makes me bright

B: so terrible, my skin looks pale and dull

-Put a gold and a silver ornament on your arm, which one makes your skin looking beautiful?

A: silver

B: gold

-Put your hands between orange and pink, which color suits you?

A: pink

B: orange

-If you don’t put on sunscreen go to the beach, what will happen to your skin?

A: It’s easy to get red, like going to burn

B: It’s easy to tan

If you have more options A, your skin was a cold tone, cold tone style skin suitable for most colors, more suitable for bright colors.

If you have more option B, your skin was warm tone, more suitable orange color.

If you have the same option A and B, your skin was neutral tone, more suitable orange color.

How to use lipstick

◆lipstick sweating, it happens when the temperature changes around the lipstick, this is a quality problem, the lipstick has gone bad.

◆There are small holes in the lipstick, there are air bubbles in the lipstick, it means the lipstick not solid, it makes lipstick sweating and gone bad.

◆The lipstick smell oil odor, it means the lipstick was rancidity and oxidation, it always happened on some senior lipstick, because it uses grape seed oil rich in unsaturated fatty acids, if your lipstick has this smell, throw it away and buy a new one.

◆If your lipstick is overdue, don’t use it.

◆If your lipstick has too much fragrance, maybe it’s masking the odor.

◆The high water content in wet lipstick, the drawback is easy to break, the color will not uniform when you use it, so test on the back of the hand when you buy it.

◆The color distribution is uneven and with spiraled, it means the color concentrate on the front of lipstick, the color becomes lighter when you use backend.

◆Store your lipstick at room temperature, avoid high temperatures.

◆Rouge Vaseline before lipstick, reduce melanin deposit.

1. lip care. Put some lip balm on your lips, apply it to every lip line, you can do it before you sleep, it will keep care all night. If you do it in the morning, put it and keep one minute, then massage with fingers until absorbed, don’t lick, that make your lips drier.

2. Use concealer to cover your lip line. The concealer used to adjust the original lip color or cover some small defects. Concealer applied to the outer side of the lip, then use the powder puff pressed concealer.

3. Lip pencil. Your lip pencil color must similar to your lipstick, with a lip pencil, outline lips and fill them in.

4. Lip brush. Brushes generally allow you to use much less lipstick.

5. Keep your lipstick last all day. If your lipstick was matte, put a thin tissue on your lips, brush it very lightly powder. If your lipstick was bright lubrication, you can use a lip coat. After use lipstick, you can put your finger or straw into your mouth and sip it, prevention lipstick on your teeth.