A 110-year-old organization BSA files for bankruptcy

One of the largest youth organizations The Boy Scouts of America files for bankruptcy.

It means that a prestigious organization, a memory of several generations, will be gone.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the United States completed the transformation from an agricultural society to an industrial society, and some social problems emerged. It is his reformation that made the progressive movement nationwide, which before that was only going on some states and cities. Several children’s organizations were established, the most famous organizations were William D. Boyce’s America boy scouts. It originates from the Scout Movement (UK).

In 1909, William D. Boyce went to London go to see some friends, it was foggy in the city, he got lost in the city, and a boy scouts took William D. Boyce to where he was going, he wants gives a shilling to thank the boy, but the boy refused politely and saying: we boy scout do it without reward. William D. Boyce was overwhelmed by his kindness, so when he returned home, he began to form the boy scouts organization. In 1910, with several other children’s organizations, the Boy Scouts of America was founded.

William D. Boyce is ambitious, he wants to train a lot of outstanding teenagers, to inherited the important values of America. They chanting: teach boy patriotism, courage, self-reliance, and kindred values.

There was a quick response to the call of BSA, the parents are taking their boys to this private children’s organization. Since then, BSA began to develop rapidly. In 1916, the BSA holds one of the comparatively rare congressional charters under Title 36 of the United States Code. The BSA further expansion of the US, as its influence, grows, and further developed in the BSA, more training programs and activities were added in BSA, Facilities are becoming more and more complete, for each task completed, the participating teenagers can get a corresponding Medal of honor.

This series of activities looks both interesting and positive, a larger number of teenagers are attracted to sign up every year, it covers all teenagers from 6 to 20, over 5 million young members in 1979, the BSA’s number of members reaches the peak. The Boy Scouts of America are not affiliated with the government, but it becomes the No. 1 spokesman of the U.S government in youth activities. The incumbent president served as honorary chairman, the previous president served as honorary vice-chairman…

Like many other private organizations, the BSA has a lot of negative news, exclude LGBT, atheist, and suspect racial discrimination… but all this negative news didn’t shake the BSA, and the Federal Supreme Court of the United States give that ruling: the BSA was a private organization, it has the right to set their own membership standards.

But a large number of sexual abuse makes people shocking, it makes the BSA into bankruptcy. In fact, since the 1970s, the rumors about the BSA internal staff harassing and molesting children happened from time to time, until the 1980s, sexual harassment of children within the BAS has reached a very serious level. In 1988, BSA developed its Youth Protection program, which contains “Two deep” leadership dictates that no adult member can be alone with any youth member(other than their own child). But it doesn’t have the deterrent effect, in the 1990s, the Washington Times did a news survey, interviewed more than 200 previous members in 20 states, in this incomplete investigation, 1151 Boy Scouts revealed that they had been sexually harassed by their leaders. James McDonough, in 1967, James McDonough was 12, he took part in the scouts summer camp for the first time, he couldn’t sleep because his exciting, and he was called up by the team leader that night, the team leader said to take him out on an expedition, James was taken to another tent, and he found that the leader of the summer camp was sitting in the tent. After that night, whenever the leader has a chance, James will be threatened and harassed, in the camp, church, car, and his home. This nightmare lasted for four years until the leader was lost interest in James…

Chris, one New Jersey man, his parents signed him up for the Scout camp when he was 11, in the first few weeks, Chris was so happy, until a new leader come, the leader make some opportunities to get close to Chris, and give him a drink, finally, the leader gets a chance, Chris was sexually assaulted. The leader threat Chris, don’t get this out of the way, for five years, Chris has been invaded by the leader for hundreds of times…

Marvin Nova was born in Pennsylvania, he went into boy scouts when he was 5, his leader is a well-know Mormon priest, at first, the priest took care of Marvin Nova, after Marvin Nova get to know him, the priest revealed to Marvin Nova: there is a smaller and secret organization, brothers, priest hope that Marvin Nova join, and become brothers. When he joined “brothers”, he was asked to obey orders unconditionally by the priest, one day, Marvin Nova was taken to a hotel room, the priest ordered him: do as I say…” there is no escape, Marvin Nova was sexually assaulted by the priest. After that, he was sexually assaulted many times, and he was also threatened. Until 15 years later, he takes the courage to accuse the Mormon priest.

This old man name Ralph Morse, until now, he still walks away from the shadow of sexually assault. “just close my eyes, there will be those terrible things, they have never been far away”

In 2019, the BSA reflect their change of policy to allow girls to join, the youth girls have not been spared, an unnamed girl said in an interview, she has been subjected to act of indecency and sexual harassment more than one times at the Scout camp.

In 2012, the official release of the document about the “child sexual assault case” with BSA, but the BSA have always been refused to deal with these case of child sexual harassment, until 2019, the BSA can’t resist the pressure of public opinion and employ full-time lawyers to deal with the child sexual assault case. From 1944 to 2016, there is 7819 case of child sexual harassment, about 12000 children have been sexually assaulted, conservatively. The data shocked everyone, the duty lawyer said: “I mean, it’s the largest pedophile ring on Earth”

Nearly 8000 cases, it happened all over the United States, the earliest time can be traced back to the 1960s…

Over the years, the BSA spend a lot of money on sexual harassment lawsuits and compensation, and the disordered fiscal administration, filed bankruptcy protection, have a century of history children organization will become history.