How to adapt to a new workplace

Since the day you were born, the social activity beginning. You cry when you hungry, you smile when you happy. You have made a lot of new friends since you started talking, you expand a social circle. But as time goes by, the more you grow up, the more lonely you become, why do people usually feel lonely when they grow up?

At age 6 you think every classmate of yours is a friend, even though you don’t even speak or play with most of them, even when you don’t know their name. growing up you realize how real friendship and real relationship, so you don’t want talk, most of the time, you prefer to social media. When you start working or living in an unfamiliar environment, you don’t know anyone, enter this new environment, this will help your work and life.

How to adapt to a new workplace

Everyone has their own personality, a cheerful personality make new friend easily. When you in a new workplace, by instinct, you may protect yourself, defensive instincts militate against free and easy exchange, how to take the first step is very important, most people didn’t know what should do after they introduced themselves, a beautiful girl or a handsome boy will have an advantage over others, coworker will take the initiative to talk. What should introverts do in the workplace?

-Learn your new workplace and remember the name of each colleague. if you are in a big department, there are so many colleagues, don’t pretend you know him, if you don’t know the name, you can say: I’m sorry, there are too many people, I forget your name. if you don’t ask, they will think you know him. So step one, remember their names, and say hello when you meet.

-Try your best in your own work. This is a very important thing. you will get recognized more easily if you have relatively working capacity. If you are a novice, asked and learned modestly from the experienced seniors when you met difficulties, don’t be afraid and don’t be shy, one person’s fault affects the whole team, do your best.

-Make your cubicle neat, tidy and make it a homey charm. Have a clean and tidy desk will make others feel good about you. You may have that clean-cut hairstyle and a brilliant white T-shirt, or have flawless makeup and perfect nails but have a messy office table, it can be very distasteful.

-Small talk. Small talk is an important workplace skill. It is the first step in establishing relationships with your colleagues. Most neurotypicals place a high value on relationships. So much so that a good relationship with one’s supervisor and liking one’s co-workers are consistently rated as major factors for job satisfaction.