Familiar with the electronic element- Transformer

High-frequency transformer is usually used in High-Frequency Switching Power, the working frequency is 50K or 65k. the transformer is using to conversion voltage, current.


A High-frequency transformer consists of several parts like the bobbin, core, and coil.

  • Bobbin. The High-frequency transformer usually uses bakelite as the bobbin, common models are EE, EF, RM, PQ, ER, POT. And there are also a few bobbins made of PET, PBT, Nylon.
  • Core. The core and bobbin are used together, so the models are the same: EE, EF, RM, PQ, ER, POT. The main components of the core are Mn-Zn ferrite, the material models are PC40, PC44. An important parameter of the core is section area(Ae), it will affect the whole output power.
  • Coil. The coil usually has three or more winding, the input part called primary winding, the output part called secondary winding beside this, there are VCC winding and Shielded winding. Primary winding and VCC winding material: enamel-insulated wire, secondary winding material: triple insulation winding wire, Shielded winding material: copper foil.
Copper foil