Familiar with the electronic element- IC

IC is the abbreviation of “Integrated Circuit”. It is a small wafer, usually made of silicon, that can hold anywhere from hundreds to millions of resistors, capacitors, and transistors.

IC plays a central control role in the circuit, just like the human brain. IC has many pins, and every pin has a specific function in the IC.

IC has many types of packaging, common models: SOT-23-6, SOP-8, DIP-8…


This is an IC OB2263, it usually uses in a switch power supply circuit, the OB2263 is offered in SOT23-6, DIP8, and SOP8 packages. Shown as below.

We usually use the Sot23-6 package, because it has a small size and complete functions. The function of the pin shown below.

1, GND.

2. FB, feedback output, control the primary and secondary feedback, keep a steady voltage.

3. RI, frequency setting.

4. SENSE, detection current, and over-current control.

5. VDD, power supply to IC.

6. GATE, driving MOS G.

Popular manufacturers

Infineon, ON semiconductor, Fair child Semiconductor, IR, TI…

In practical application, we need to choose the right IC, because there is a large proportion of IC cost.